My Ex-Boyfriend Left Me Because His Friends Were Mocking Him That His Girlfriend Has Albinism — Lady

A lady living with albinism has shared some of the challenges she passed through because of her condition. She revealed living with albinism feel like a rejected and condemned person. She revealed people mock her and tell her she will die & develop cancer because of her disability, men only after her body and ashamed of her in the public.

She said that she was subjected to multiple forms of bullying and harassment from her peers when she was a young girl. According to her, her schoolmates at school would tease her and call her names because of her disability. Some students at her school told that she would not live long because her albinism will lead to cancer.

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Even at the university level, discrimination was common. Chizaram is a very sensitive person when it comes to relationship concerns since she doesn’t want to do anything to harm her feelings, as she confessed when asked about her past relationships.

She said Years ago, she had a lover, but he broke up with her because his friends made fun of him for dating an albino woman. She went on to say that most of the guys who have expressed interest in dating her simply do so to have a taste of her body. People always see her as curse and men think she’s a cheap call girl for satisfaction, finally she said living with albinism is not easy.

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