My Husband Brought His Mistress In Our Bed He Slept With Us In Turns From 11pm To 2 Am:Lady Narrates

 Ruth a divorcee has narrated her story how her marriage ended after she married her father’s friend who was rich thinking she made the right decision rather she ended up being emotionally and physically abused in the marriage.

A family friend, who happens to be her father’s friend, used to buy her gifts whenever he visited, and she married him because of that. She fell in love with him and married him after she dropped out of school because she was madly in love with him.

She was treated with hatred by his children because they were her age mates. Because he wanted to be closer to her, he rented her a house. Even though they were proud parents of three children, her husband was a violent abuser. He beat her up and took her into their house, forced her to cook for them, and slept with both of them.

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He once returned home with a lady in their house. Ruth prepared food and served it to them under the assumption that she was his coworker and would leave once they had finished eating.

The lady was surprised when her husband told her to go to their marital bed and said that they were both his for the night. She didn’t say anything because she was aware of his violent tendencies whenever she disobeyed him.

A total of three hours were spent sleeping with him between the hours of 11pm and 2am, which was agreed upon by both of them. Ruth made breakfast for everyone the next morning, but when the ladies left, she told the husband to choose one of them. That is how the marriage ended because he chose the mistress.

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