My Wife Changed After I Lost My Job She Could Deny Me My Conjugal Rights – Stephen Narrates

Stephen Mwai painfully narrates how his wife she loved so much became heartless and a beast after he lost his job. She was rude towards him, she denied him food and his conjugal rights and was always insulting him, calling him a jobless man.

After Stephen lost his job, his wife’s behaviour changed dramatically. A jobless man would not be fed in her house she continuely insulted him occasionally and said she would not feed a jobless man in her house. Conjugal rights were denied so she could leave him in the bed and sleep on the couch instead.

He was working in the hospital after he finished school. He met a woman while working there, and they ended up getting married. His marriage worked out well, and he and his wife were blessed with a baby.

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He opened boutique business for his wife where she sells clothes. In order for her business to flourish very we, he said he used to provide for everything in the house and give her transport money.

Due to a shortage of workers, Stephen was told by management that he had to leave the company. Since his wife’s business was doing well, he didn’t give it much thought. As a means of covering the costs of his living and his children’s education, he began working on construction sites, doing all kinds of manual jobs.

His wife was providing meals for the family. She informed him that she will not feed a jobless man. She refused to assist her husband to pay the  house rent and her children’s school fees when Stephen begged her to assist him since her business was thriving. When he asked for his conjugal rights, his wife would deny him, She began to disrespect him and insult him.

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She could sleep on the couch and never wanted anything to do with him.They tried talking tothe parents but she didn’t change.He decided to move out but still supports his children. He has advised women to stop disrespecting their husband whenever they loose their job but instead support them.

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