My Wife Convinced Me To Marry Her Younger Sister After Failing To Conceive For 18 Years ;Man Narrates

Congolese man revealed in an interview with Aframax English what rendered him to marry sisters. He had stayed in the marriage with his first wife for 18 years without a child. His wife lost hope of conceiving and advised him to marry her younger sister to be able to bear children.

The man visited his Inlaws and told them what they had thought about him marrying the younger sister To bear children. At first, the marriage didn’t agree but later called him and asked him to pay the dowry. He was allowed to marry her and they have been blessed with 11 children.

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The first wife said that she is happy to be living with her sister whom they also share a husband. She loves the children and takes good care of them when their mother is away. The second wife said that at first, she was afraid to see her brother-in-law asking for her hand in marriage.

She gained courage when all the family members supported her. They do farming To be able to provide food for themselves. The man said that he can satisfy his two wives. He said it was a good idea to marry the sister than cheat around with women.

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