Old Fashioned House Decorating Ideas That You Should Do Away With

Home decoration ideas have evolved so much such that there is pressure to keep up with the latest trends otherwise you will be deemed old fashioned.

This article is however not to put pressure on anyone to do away with their current interior arrangements because money is also a factor. So if you do not have financial means to do away with some of the old fashioned arrangements to be mentioned in this article, just live that way until you can be able to make some changes.

However, if you have financial capability to change your home’s interior, go ahead and embrace some change. These are the decorating ideas that no longer make a house attractive on the inside:

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Draping nets on the Walls

There are two reasons why people hang nets on their walls. One reason is for decorative purposes and another reason could be to cover up a dirty wall or whose paint has peeled off.

However, having nets on the walls is deemed old fashioned and you should rather apply a fresh paint on the wall and keep them that way. If you are living in a rental, you can arrange with the landlord or landlady to paint your walls afresh to avoid putting up the nets.

Too many poster hangings on the wall

If you are one of those people who have overcrowded your walls with celebrity posters and other kinds of posters, consider reducing the number or doing away with them completely because they make the house look busy and unattractive.

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However, sizeable framed family photos are preferable and they should also be fewer. Alternatively, you can invest in trendy wall decor, wallpaper, or clocks to make your walls attractive.

Covering seats and tables with loose covers/nets

Another interior habit that is deemed old fashioned is covering sofa sets and tables with loose covers.

It is understandable that some parents do this to prevent kids from dirtying the seats. However, if you do not have kids who can soil the seats, don’t cover them. Seats look more classier when not covered especially if they are new. Avoid covering the table too.

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These interior ideas are commonly practiced in the rural areas and we grew up getting used to them because our parents adapted them. You can however embrace new change by not using them.

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