Pastor Caught Red-handed in Bed With Church Chair Lady Broad Daylight Wife Pastor’s Seek Help

A pastor’s wife from a local church in the village tearfully narrated how she busts her husband in bed with another woman who happens to be a choir lady.

The accused preacher said he stopped what he was doing and immediately rushed to the woman’s home to pray for her as he was even planning to go on evangelism that day.

The pastor said when he got there, he asked about the whereabouts of her husband and she told him that he was attending to some business projects. Their conversation however led to intimacy.

However, when confronted, she said the pastor didn’t see anything wrong to her and it’s like they were only having a prayer session.

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“He was like we give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar,” she said.

It’s said that the video which has gone viral was recorded by passers-by and the Pastor was seen “swinging” behind the naked lady who is believed to be his church member. 

Pastor’s wife continue to say that some people who caught them in the act, subjected them to severe beating while filming the whole encounter. The shamed-faced lovers asked for forgiveness and promised not to do that again.

She tearfully narrated: “I hopped upon my husband’s phone. And I read a message. That is how I found out what was going on. And from their chats, it looks like they are having sexual intercourse. They have been having sex in the office. And the women are more than I can count. From the messages on his phone, he has slept with almost all the women in the church.”

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The pastor, Peter Johnson (not the real name), on the other hand, admitted guilt, and asked his lover’s partner to forgive him.

The church elders ruled that pastor John should pay a fine, which will be given to his lover’s spouse as compensation for the embarrassment caused.

The woman and her husband, on the other hand, were left quarrelling, with the man suggesting he would divorce the wife over her infidelity. 

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