Photos Of A Lady Who Died In A Swimming Pool While Going Live On Facebook Causing Reaction

There has been many incidence of death issues in the country.

Many deaths are caused by various reasons like family wrangles, political instability, kidnapping, health issues, kidnapping among other factors.

Government has been urged to put measures protecting everyone in the country.

Such measures Includes high taxation rates to the offenders and also long jail term to the offenders.

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Today in a post by Turkana County news, there was a post which has left many talking.

According to the post,a certain lady has been reported dead.

She died in a swimming pool while she was going live in Facebook.

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The deceased is a Canadian nurse by the name Hellen Wendy.

She was enjoying as her audience watch,moments later she started wailing, screening and seeking for help.

According to the post,she was reported drowned and died the tenth minute of her video.

Here are some of the photos,

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Netizens reacted differently and they had this to say,

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We send our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the late.

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