Physical benefits of exercise for people with Type 2 diabetes

Research has shown that exercise can help people with diabetes manage their condition, improve their overall health and increase their chances of staying healthy for the long term.

Exercise is important for people with diabetes because it helps to promote good blood sugar control. It also helps to prevent the development of complications like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and amputation.

In some cases, exercise can reduce or even reverse weight gain in people with Type 2 diabetes. Exercise also reduces risk factors for cardiovascular disease and improves glucose control, which can reduce long-term complications such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.

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Exercise can help to control blood sugar levels, reduce stress and improve mood. It also helps to strengthen the muscles in the body, which helps to control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Regular physical activity may also help to prevent or delay development of complications from diabetes.

Why is physical activity important?

Regular physical activity will help you to manage your diabetes better. The more active you are, the lower your blood sugar levels will be. You can do this by increasing your daily activity (such as brisk walking) or increasing the amount of time spent exercising (such as swimming).

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The answer is yes! Exercise can reduce your chances of developing complications in diabetes, such as heart disease, kidney disease and blindness. It also helps lower blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity.


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