Popular Yoruba Oba Blast Tinubu & His Yoruba Supporters Says 2023 Is Igbo’s Turn

One beautiful thing I cherish about the Yorubas is this, despite the fact that some of them following Tinubu blindly can be so selfish, wicked and annoying, a lot of honorable and honest men full Yoruba land.

Great men like Prof Wole Soyinka, late Fela Kuti, Gani Fayehimi, Bola Ige, Olu Falae, Afenifere leader, Prince Ebunoluwa and so many others.

In this trending video, a popular Yoruba Oba blast Bola Tinubu and his Yoruba supporters, including Northerners contesting for 2023 Presidential election as he recounted how Obasanjo a Yoruba man ruled for 8 years, Osinbajo serving as VP for 7 going 8 years, Yaradua and Buhari Hausa-Fulanis going for 11 years, Goodluck Jonathan Southsouth ruled for 5 years and he queried Nigerians that what about the Igbos? That Nigerians should all support Igbos for 2023 for equity fairness and justice as he queried Yorubas that they complain of marginalization, that what about Igbos? That Igbos have every right to complain and agitate in Nigeria because Nigerians have not been fair to them.

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The Oba spoke in Yoruba dialect but it has been translated.

Watch the emotional video outburst on this Twitter link https://twitter.com/HisKnowledgeabl/status/1544579170608586754?t=pnwK7gemVd-37rmijfnUhQ&s=19

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  1. Running a race is according to your strength and capability also acceptibility
    I wonder why some people on competition put their inability to measure up to require standard of the race on Fellow competitors I will advise those on presidential race to go back to drawing board and determine their worth or popularity not to
    put the blame of their failure on any tribe or individual
    Power is as sweet as honey everyone wanted to have the taste then be ready to pay the price


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