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Raphael Varane has indicated which two Manchester United teams he would be willing to switch to.

Varane’s career may not last as long as others’ due to his propensity for injuries, therefore if he decides to leave Manchester United, this could be his final move.

Raphael Varane may not see this change by the end of November given he hasn’t started a Premier League game since September.

The 30-year-old has surprisingly fallen down Erik ten Hag’s hierarchy, as Harry Maguire, who is playing well, keeps him out. It seems that the 3-2 loss to Galatasaray was a turning moment.

Varane, who had been at the back of the 1-0 league loss to Crystal Palace just a few days prior, was especially flimsy in the opening game of October. Since then, he has only started two Champions League matches against Copenhagen, the first of which resulted in a loss and the other in a close victory.

The World Cup winner’s two years at Manchester United have been marred by injury. He has really had at least eight different injuries in that time, half of which occurred while Ten Hag was in charge. He has missed 15 games overall while playing for the Dutchman.

It was therefore assumed that he was being rested ahead of Copenhagen and the ensuing Manchester derby when he was unexpectedly benched against Sheffield United. But the Reds manager blamed “tactics” when he failed to appear in the starting lineup against Manchester City.

As a regular at Real Madrid, Varane has had to endure playing second fiddle for the first time in a long time. Prior to his international retirement, he was even France’s first choice and occasionally wore the armband.

Maguire deserves credit for his recent performances; he has been quite steady. He has produced a number of significant blocks and tackles, and this week he acknowledged that he believes his choice to remain at United past the summer has been validated.

However, United does have a problem with durability at center back. Jonny Evans is 35 years old, a veteran, and Victor Lindelof is 29. Varane, Maguire, and Varane are 30. Ten Hag might have to let go of one or two in order to start a new player at center half.

Varane’s contract doesn’t expire until2025, thus he has laid out the only set of circumstances that would make him consider leaving. Varane acknowledged in a March interview with GQ Magazine that staying at United for the duration of his career is a “serious option.”

He did, nevertheless, leave the door slightly open. “I will either finish my career in Madrid, in Manchester, or in Lens,” he continued. I won’t go to any other club [apart from those]

However, Madrid strikes me as being complex. Usually, players don’t return there. Today, I’m most likely going to end [my club career] in either Manchester or Lens.”

Naturally, Varane began his career in Lens, where he rose through the ranks to participate in 24 senior games before being signed by Madrid in 2011 and remaining in Spain for a whole ten years.

The French team faces Arsenal in their Champions League group after placing second in Ligue 1 the previous year. While a Madrid comeback seems improbable, Lens appears feasible.

For a player whose injury history suggests his career might not go as long as he wishes, a comeback could be a romantic one. Nonetheless, Varane’s admission does not support a relocation to Saudi Arabia.

Given his advanced age and new status, there had been speculative connections to Saudi Arabia, but it appears that trip is not planned.

Furthermore, even if the player’s form is faltering, Ten Hag won’t want to lose such expertise and knowledge. This player, who has participated in two World Cup finals and won the Champions League four times, helped United snap their six-year title drought.

Though decisions must be made in the summer, there is very little chance of an exit in January. Varane is still a significant senior figure at Old Trafford, though, for the time being.

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