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Raphael Varane will definitely be part of Zinedine Zidane’s plan if he takes Erik ten Hag’s spot at Manchester United.

If Raphael Varane were to take Erik ten Hag’s place at Manchester United, Zinedine Zidane has already stated his intentions.

Ten Hag is feeling more and more pressure as a result of United’s recent bad performance, which included a 4-3 Champions League loss to FC Copenhagen on Wednesday.

While some have criticized the Dutchman’s choices and lineups in recent weeks, others have acknowledged that there are more pressing problems at Old Trafford right now.

In any case, Zidane is the clear favorite to succeed Ten Hag if United decides to split ways with him.

The legendary manager of Real Madrid and France has managed the team twice at the Bernabeu, although he hasn’t held a position since his second departure from the team in 2021.

Varane, who joined Real from Lens in France in 2011, was one of his main players during both periods.

United was also very interested in him, but he disclosed that the club’s choice to sign Phil Jones in his place was a major factor in his decision to turn them down and go to Madrid.

After the trade was finalized, Zidane said in an interview with RMC that he was actively involved in it, saying, “Seeing Jose Mourinho was crucial. Since he will be the coach leading the team, this is the most crucial.

“They got together. And that’s pretty much it. I’ve watched a lot of Varane, and he is quick, smart, and a major player just like [Laurent] Blanc.”

When Mourinho took over at Old Trafford, Varane was once again a target for United, but the Frenchman decided to stay at the Bernabeu, citing Zidane’s presence as a major factor.

Now that the famous midfielder is moving to United, it’s obvious that Varane will be essential to his success.

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