RIP, Sad News As a Girl Who Confessed to Killing 4 Relatives Reveals What She Felt After Killing Them

In the country, cases of killings have been reported and several families have lost their loved ones. Innocent children have been killed by notorious suspects and their bodies dumped in different parts of the country.

According to the source, Kiambu girl who narrated how she killed her relatives has broke the silence and revealed how she felt after committing the crime. As per the latest report share by a well known source, the said girl who is currently in custody has revealed that after killing her close relatives she became more excited and happy. Further, it has been revealed that she uses different methods to kill her relatives. Two of the children were killed through suffocation while one was drown in a well.

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This just come in after her grandmother was accused of killing the children and also accused of joining Illuminati.

May the souls of the deceased continue resting in peace. It is very painful. Let us come together and pray for the families who lost their loved ones.


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