RIP: She was shot by her husband 7 times for not picking up his calls (Photos)

Prominent woman in Tanzania named Swalha, who was a makeup artist, was shot dead by her husband for not picking up his calls after he called him seven times. The incident took place at the couple’s home after she returned home. 

Her jealous husband queried her why she didn’t take her calls.The jealous husband, out of his insecurity and jealousy, shot her seven times before killing himself too. Reports from close people say that Swalha’s husband, known as Said, took the decision due to what is alleged to be love jealousy. 

He said Swalha went to work and was late returning home. Her husband was not happy with his wife’s delay in returning home, so an argument broke out between them, which led to Swalha’s husband firing on her seven times before killing himself.

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Insecure men who are freakishly jealous should avoid marriage and stop killing women. This is absolutely odd. You are killing your wife because she returned home late and didn’t take your call. Please write “Rest in Peace” for this beautiful woman.

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