“Someone To Marry Me Please” A Woman Begs In The Streets

A Kenyan woman has taken to the street with a place card in search of a man to marry. The woman identified as Chepkam has begged men to please marry her. The woman says she’s not interested if he’s penniless and old. She simply wants a man to marry her.

 A woman begs a man to marry her. She is fed up with being single, lonely, and in desperate need of a husband. The woman took to the street to beg men to marry her. She’s ready to marry any man regardless of his financial status and doesn’t care if he’s old or young.

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The woman complained of the scarcity of men, and men had refused to marry them. She complained that they were growing old in their father’s house. She begs men to please come and marry her. She’s tired of growing old in her father’s house. She says she doesn’t care if you’re old, ugly and broke. She wants to be married.

She wants someone who will love her enough to commit to her, be faithful to her and treat her right. A man who will want to marry her because he wants to spend his life with her, not because he feels obligated or coerced into doing so.

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She needs a serious man to marry her. There is no age limit, no matter if he’s broke. She didn’t care. She just wanted a man to marry her. She wants a man to marry her and make her Mrs.

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