Tears As Woman Dies in Saudi Arabia After She is Forced to Remove one of Her Kidneys by Her Boss

A family is in pain and grief after their family member dies three weeks after traveling to Saudi Arabia to work as a house help. However, after a week on the job, according to the information the family obtained, she she was forced to donate her kidneys to one of her sick boss which she bluntly turned down.

She was forced to donate her kidneys to her ailing boss child she first refused called her husband told him what was going on and how her life was at risk as her boss forced her to donate her kidneys to his child even after she said no and refused she would not donate her kidneys.

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Her husband tried reaching her on phone afterwards but was unable to reach her on phone.  The husband by the name Juma did not hear from his wife again only to be informed by her friend that she was no more. According to the employer, Rose Atieno, the deceased, is alleged to have been rushed to the hospital after falling while cleaning the windows.

She was declared death and her body was sent to Kenya only for her family to see surgical surgeries and patched wounds holes on her stomach. Her family has been mourning her despite her refusal to donate her own kidneys, it was forcefully taken.

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She went to Saudi Arabia to look for greener pastures but her dead body was sent back to her family. Please write rest in peace for her and I think it’s high time our ladies stop rushing to Arabic countries to work as maids if they think they can’t make it here let them stay and work her instead of being killed.

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