Tears As Woman Dies in Saudi Arabia After She is Forced to Remove one of Her Kidneys by Her Boss

A family is in severe pain and grief after their loved family member who traveled abroad for greener pastures dies three weeks after traveling to Saudi Arabia to work as a house help. Her boss forced her to donate her kidneys to one of his sick children, she later died after donating her kidneys.

Her husband, Abdulrazik Juma, claims that his wife, Rose Atieno, had made her last distress call to inform him that she had been forced by her employer to undergo surgery to remove one of her kidneys that would be donated to a family member who was ailing.

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Her husband was unable to reach her on phone for some days. Later she called him telling him her boss forced her to donate her kidney to his ailing child and after the donation she’s been feeling weak. They was the last time her husband heard from her.

After a few days someone called the husband from Saudi Arabia telling him his wife has died after she fell down while cleaning her boss husband. She was rushed to the husband but she didn’t make it before they got to the husband.

Her body was returned to Kenyan with many surgical marks on her body. May her soul rest in peace, please write rest in peace for her and what’s your say on African ladies traveling to Arabic countries work as house maid.

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