Tesla-recharger.com review ( tesla-recharger.com is scam here’s why)

Tesla-recharger.com is a new investment website that’s new and currently paying at the moment just like other scam old investment websites that defrauded many Nigerians in the past.

Let’s review Tesla-recharger.com and see what make them scam. Tesla-recharger.com is new and paying if you invest with them you will be getting dividend depends on your subscription plan. That was how other investment platforms in Nigeria came out with sweet offers to lure Nigerians and scam them.

I’ve been a victim of many investment apps and websites and they use different formats to opera. Investment website that doesn’t have physical office no tangible information about them is pure scam.

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My candid advice to anyone who wants to invest with them to be careful because they will crash and won’t be here for long so, be wise, make thorough investigation and invest only what you can afford to lose.

Tesla-recharger.com is totally a scam investment website just give them time you would see they are totally not different from other scam investment websites that had existed before.

My candid advice please don’t invest with them invest your money on something legit that would yield you profits and returns.

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