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The Andre Onana Foundation reports spectacular results in Cameroon.

More than 200 people benefit from the third surgical mission of the Andre Onana Foundation and Bisturi Solidario, which raises their standard of living.

The André Onana Foundation is happy to announce the great success of the III Surgeon Mission in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This healthcare effort, which focused on providing vital surgical operations for both adults and children, was carried out in conjunction with the Spanish NGO Bisturí Solidario. More than 200 life-altering procedures were performed during the trip, which represents a major accomplishment in the drive to improve the lives of those in need.

The well-known football player André Onana established the André Onana Foundation, which has continuously shown a strong dedication to improving Cameroonian healthcare and citizen well-being. In collaboration with the prestigious Bisturí Solidario, the III Surgeon Mission aimed to attend to the community’s urgent surgical requirements, with a specific focus on children and adults in need of medical operations for goiters and hernias.

Over 217 successful surgeries have been the outcome of this cooperative effort, each of which marked a turning point in the lives of the people involved. These procedures, which treat 160 hernias and 57 goitres, should greatly enhance the patients’ general health and quality of life.André Onana, who is well-known for his achievements in football as well as for

By his charitable endeavors, he conveyed his appreciation for the toil and commitment of the medical staff and volunteers engaged in the III Surgeon Mission. “I am pleased to see the progress we have achieved with Bisturí Solidario. André Onana stated, “This mission represents our shared commitment to actually improving the lives of people who need it the most.

With great gratitude, the André Onana Foundation and Bisturí Solidario thank all of the sponsors, volunteers, and supporters who helped make this trip possible. The accomplishment of the III Surgeon Mission is evidence of the value of teamwork and shows what can happen when people and organizations come together for a common goal.


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