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There’s no turning back: Sunak is committed to permanently deprive the Glazers of their billion-dollar fantasy.

Following the release of fresh plans for the contentious competition on Thursday, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Government have promised to pursue legislation prohibiting English clubs from competing in the European Super League.

When Manchester United and the other “big six” Premier League teams decided to create the European Super League in 2021, supporters reacted negatively.

Widespread protests forced the clubs to abandon the covert agreement, despite early plans.

Nonetheless, a few European teams continued to push for the league’s formation, notably Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The European Court of Justice decided in favor of the supporters on Thursday, declaring that FIFA and UEFA had broken competition law by impeding the league’s establishment.

The team behind the proposal, A22 Sports, unveiled the possible European Super League format, which would take the place of the Champions, Europa, and Conference Leagues.

The league would include 64 clubs, three divisions of competition, a post-season elimination phase, and neither guaranteed nor permanent participation.

Together with measures for promotion and relegation, there would be competitions for both men and women.

Additionally, the CEO, Bernd Reichart, stated that fans would be able to watch European Super League games for free.

The UK government wants to make sure British clubs don’t split up to join another league, even in the face of public rejection from a number of clubs, including Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, AS Roma, Paris Saint-Germain, Feyenoord, AS Monaco, and others.

The Football Governance Bill, which is scheduled for introduction, will bar British teams from taking part in breakaway competitions of that like going forward.

Following the initial effort to form the breakaway league, the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport highlighted the establishment of an independent regulator for English football and a fan-led review of football governance as significant steps done.

The chair of the select committee on culture, media, and sport, Conservative MP Dame Caroline Dineage, advised the traditional “big six” Premier League clubs not to participate in the European Super League.

She underlined the necessity for clubs to give priority to government-promised improvements to football governance and fan participation.

The English Football Supporters’ Association’s chief executive, Kevin Miles, dubbed the initiative “the European Zombie League” and declared that no English clubs would participate.

The government’s assurances are welcomed by Manchester United supporters as a positive step, and it is unlikely that the Glazers will decide to stay longer in the hopes of receiving additional financial benefits from the Red Devils.

Though the Glazers’ ambitions with the Super League remain a source of concern despite the club’s declaration, the legislation would prevent the owners from becoming involved in the initiative being led by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.


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