Top write and get paid websites in Nigeria

If you are a fantastic writer residing in Nigeria and want to make money with your writing skills, well, guess this, your dream could be just a step ahead to come through. Nevertheless, all down to your well planned strategies. If you can put up good content, guess you could be rooting for half a million monthly.

So, I will list legitimate websites that pay writers in Nigeria weekly or monthly. Don’t worry, they are real, not scams. You heard me correctly. You can start earning money online with your writing skills if you are that good and can put up an attractive headline.

Top write and get paid websites in Nigeria

1. Opera News

It’s no denial that Opera News is one of the most downloaded news apps in Nigeria. Of course, you could rate them to likes of Punchng, Sahara Reporters, Channel TV etc. Okay, let me break it down for you. Opera news, you know, pays writers to publish articles on their platform. Yes, you see, those articles you read on opera, the writers get paid for writing for opera news.

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Me, I was one of their top writers and I’m still writing for them, though things have changed. Before, you could easily pull 500,000 naira, now it’s hard to pull 200,000 naira. Nevertheless, they are still accepting writers and they pay.

2. Scooper’s news

Just like opera news, scooper is also a local news outlet like opera news that lets Nigeria and other African countries write for them and get paid. The only difference between the two is that Opera pays in local currency and bases payments on clicks collected, whereas Scooper pays in dollars and has a completely different method.

Scooper varies from other paying platforms in Nigeria because their pay in dollar currency, scooper has
a monthly article limit. The highest you can make with scooper is $500, while you can make up to a million naira with opera news.

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3. Medium

As the name sounds weird, you might be thinking different things. Let me surprise you. Medium is a platform that accepts articles, monetizes them and pays you based on views. Well, it’s a foreign website, so they pay in dollars. Not only that, they pay more than Opera News and Scooper combined.

The medium can pay you handsomely more than you would ever think. That’s the truth. You like what you just read right. Their payment is via PayPal and Payoner, so don’t worry about receiving your money; it’s as simple just open a Payoner account and receive your money in your local bank account.

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Medium pay based on views, which means you’ll have to work hard to get views, either by sharing your links or organically, and your earnings will be based solely on your views. Approximately 3,000 views wouldn’t earn you anything less than $ 130 dollars. Let me not exaggerate you need traffic to earn simple.


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