Twitter set to start hosting long-form videos with the ability to monetize them

Twitter is set to launch a new feature that will let users upload long-form videos. The company is working on a way to make it possible for people to monetize their videos, and thus make them more accessible.

The plan is still very much in the works, but if it goes through, this could be a huge deal for Twitter users.

The new feature would allow people to share 42 minutes longer videos on Twitter, which would allow them to tap into an entirely new audience.

YouTube has been the go-to platform for users looking to share videos with the world. But now, Twitter is trying to take on YouTube with its own long-form video platform.

Twitter’s new feature will allow users to upload videos up to 42 minutes long, after which they can monetize their content through ads or subscriptions. The company is also testing the ability for users to add music to their videos.


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