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Manchester United

Two Man United players who disappointed are named by Peter Schmeichel.

Peter Schmeichel, a former Man United fan favorite, publicly disagreed with Erik ten Hag in a tense interview following the wild Red Devils match against Galatasaray.

Although there were many positive aspects of their performance, they were nevertheless defeated by individual mistakes. Andre Onana made two grave errors that gave Chelsea loanee Hakim Ziyech two free kicks.

Due to the outcome, United’s chances of making it to the round of 16 are now out of their control. They now have to win their last group stage match against Bayern Munich and pray that FC Copenhagen and Galatasaray will draw.

Additionally, Schmeichel chastised Ten Hag for his remarks regarding the game during his post-match interview with United’s manager for CBS Sports.

Ten Hag responded, “I’m disappointed,” when asked what he thought of United’s performance. We performed admirably in many areas, but we needed to improve our defense if we were to win 2-0 and 3-1 again.

“We should have done a better job of defending as a team because it was subpar.”

Then Schmeichel answered, “You say bad team defense? Though I believe the defense performed admirably today, individual errors cost us the victory.

Are you concerned that your squad lacks the personnel necessary to advance to your desired position?

Ten Hag maintained his composure and added, “No,” in spite of the difficult discussion. Since we are working on a project, we must take this lesson to heart and move on.

Everything about our abilities to play, perform, and reach certain levels is positive, but football is a game of errors, and small nuances count.

“As a team, we made some mistakes, and we paid the price.”

Schmeichel, who made 398 appearances for United and won the 1998–1999 Champions League with them, criticized Onana’s performance in Istanbul while speaking elsewhere during CBS Sports’ coverage, emphasizing the specific errors he was alluding to.

“You know what? He said, “I don’t think the back four could have done much more today; I think they played very well.”

Again, though, it’s indisputable that the goalie made some extremely costly errors.

“It is a goal every time a goalkeeper makes an error; that much is true.” If you look back to Sunday, everything went incredibly smoothly, but you have to understand that at this level of play, even the smallest errors result in consequences.

After the much-maligned Frenchman replaced Rasmus Hojlund, who had recently returned from injury, on 58 minutes into the game with a 3-1 lead, Schmeichel also took aim at Anthony Martial.

“You have to kill the game, make sure the other team can’t get into it, keep the ball and try not to make mistakes,” he continued. “This is not the first time we have been 2-0 up in this tournament.”

Naturally, though, you have to observe that a significant amount of the pressure from the front vanished when (Rasmus) Hojlund came off.

“Martial, the person you put in, did nothing.” Hojlund was one of the players that put in a lot of effort up front for the club, but all of a sudden you don’t have that pressure, which allows the other team plenty of chances to pass the ball about.

“You have to consider all of these factors, but you should expect to receive more than one point when you score this many goals.”

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