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What Erik ten Hag said to the Manchester United team in the locker room following their defeat in Copenhagen

Man United would be eliminated from the Champions League if they lose to Galatasaray, as they have now lost three of their four group matches.

Despite Manchester United suffering their ninth loss of the year, Erik ten Hag remains certain that things will finally work in their favor.

After Copenhagen overcame deficits of 2-0 and 3-2 to win 4-3 in a thrilling Champions League group stage match, United had lost more games than won.

With two games remaining, United is now bottom of Group A. If they lose to Galatasaray in Istanbul in three weeks, they would automatically be eliminated from the Champions League.

Bruno Fernandes gave United the lead with ten men in the second half after they had been playing well until Marcus Rashford was sent off in the 42nd minute at Parken Stadium. In the 83rd minute, Copenhagen pulled even, and four minutes later, 17-year-old Roony Bardghji hammered home the winning goal.

Ten Hag was especially unhappy because United had played a great game for the majority of it and ended up with no points.

The manager of United insisted that there is still hope for the team to make it to the round of sixteen. “This team is strong, and during the entire season, a lot of bad choices and injuries have caused us a lot of setbacks.

“I told the boys that one day during the season, everything would flip around and work in our favor because every time there is a spirit, there is a fight.

“We didn’t do everything perfectly, but there are a lot of things we did well—even with 10 men, we are controlling the game. Football is a game of blunders. We had a great game. We are quite upset since there should have been a different outcome, and we learn nothing from this.

“Once more, the boys’ attitude was excellent. They battled as a unit, shoulder to shoulder, on the same page, and for every yard on the field. I therefore am unable to criticize the squad for it.”

Ten Hag retorted, “Yes, come on,” to a Danish journalist’s suggestion that it was a “unfair result”. We controlled the game and led 2-0 for the first twenty-five minutes, but after the red card, everything changed and we were down to ten players. We’re really let down.”

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