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What’should happen’ at Manchester United following Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s departure is explained by David Beckham.

After assuming a portion of the club’s ownership, David Beckham is hopeful that Sir Jim Ratcliffe can bring about constructive change at Manchester United.

David Beckham thinks that for Sir Jim Ratcliffe to make progress at Manchester United, he needs managerial continuity.

The 48-year-old Beckham is still an avid supporter of the team and has frequently voiced his concerns with United’s ownership. Before departing to join Real Madrid in 2003, he assisted Sir Alex Ferguson in winning six Premier League titles, two FA Cups, and one European Cup.

“I am a true Manchester United fan who only wants the best for our club and wants us to get back to the top level again,” he said to Sportstar. However, that needs to begin at the top. Ownership must come first.

“We’ve discussed the necessary adjustment. I’ve made a lot of noise about how Manchester United needs to reform. There was always going to be a downturn after Sir Alex Ferguson’s resignation in 2013. At the top, you can’t stay for long.

But because we had a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson, who provided stability, we were able to remain in one place for the necessary number of years. Over the past ten years, we have had a number of managers, which is regrettable because it means that the stability we enjoyed under Sir Alex Ferguson is no longer there. Our playing style reflects that.”

Although Beckham was critical of the state in which United was operating, he is certain that things would turn around for the team. The Inter Miami co-owner stated, “It shows in the way the club has obviously declined.”

“But Manchester United is still who we are. That is unchangeable. Though I still think we are the greatest club in the world, decline isn’t the right word to describe our situation.

“The number of awards won would inevitably decline. Regretfully, it has been for a considerable amount of time. Although that will alter, Manchester United remains the greatest team.

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