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Why Manchester United might not have to worry about being barred from the Champions League for a long time

Although Manchester United had reason to be concerned about their European destiny, the president of UEFA’s recent remarks indicate that this anxiety may not persist for very long.

If Sir Jim Ratcliffe joins the boardroom, Manchester United could face a ban from European football under current UEFA regulations.

Two teams with the same owner are not permitted to compete in the same European championship, as explained by the “multi-club ownership” restriction mentioned in Article 5. This implies that, should both United and Nice be controlled by Ratcliffe, only one of these teams—should they both qualify—would be able to play in the Champions League.

There is only one way for both teams to play in Europe at the same time, and that is if Nice finishes in the Europa Conference League positions and United advances straight to the group stages, or vice versa. Even if the Reds make it to the competition, it is not worth considering the possibility of playing no European football at all. The Reds are already facing the specter of missing out on Champions League action this season.

But in an attempt to calm down both United supporters and those of other teams, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin made a hint in March that these regulations would be removed shortly. “We are not thinking about Manchester United only,” he said to Gary Neville.

Five or six club owners have expressed interest in purchasing another club. Let’s see what needs to be done. We may either let them participate in the same competition or things continue the way they are. I’m still unsure.

“We need to discuss these rules and figure out how to resolve them. Interest in this multi-club ownership is growing. Instead of simply rejecting the investments for multi-club ownership, we should consider what sort of regulations we should establish in that situation. The regulations must be quite stringent.

It is true, in one sense, that if you are the owner of two clubs competing in the same league, you can tell one team to lose so that the other can win. However, do you as a football player believe it’s so simple to instruct a coach to lose the game because the other team wants to win?”

Even while it is understandable that having two teams controlled by the same person or organization could compromise the sport’s integrity, Ceferin notes that the risk is minimal given the clubs’ shared sense of pride. The fact that UEFA decided to permit multiple teams owned by the same person to compete in Europe together just this summer is more proof that regulations may soon be altered.

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