Widowed Okrika Seller Cries Out To God After opening a bale she bought and discovered it was filled with rags

It’s a heart-breaking video to watch. A woman in Nigeria has opened a bale of clothes and found that it was filled with rags. She is heard saying, “God wetin I go do? I no get husband, children dey for school, God where are you?”

The woman is seen crying as she holds the clothes tightly in her hands. The video has gone viral on social media with many people feeling sorry for her.

According to reports, the woman is a widow who sells okrika clothes. She reportedly bought a bale of okrika clothe with borrowed money. She broke down in tears after she discovered the clothes she bought were rags.

It was said that she had bought the bale at an affordable price but when she opened it later, she saw that most of its contents were rags instead of clothsShe reportedly began crying after seeing what she had bought which made many Nigerians to sympathised.

watch video here

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