Woman Kills Her Own Husband Over Disconnection of a Solar Panel to Her Co-wife’s House

A woman has admitted to killing her husband for disconnecting a solar panel from her house and fitting it in her co-wife’s house. Joy Trizar Shitubi pleaded guilty to the charge of man-slaughtering her husband after he disconnected her solar and connected it to his second wife.

Joy was the first wife her husband married a second wife both was living happily before the incident. Her deceased husband disconnected her solar and connected it to his co-wife. Joy reacted by stabbing her husband to death and admitted to court she killed her husband for disconnecting her solar.

Shitubi, a second wife to the late Mbayi, said she was at their home in the village preparing food for dinner when her husband came and removed the solar panel from her house and took it to his first wife’s house.

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He later returned to her house, grabbed her by the neck and started strangling her when she protested against the action of snatching the solar panel from her and could not reveal where its charger was.

The sister to Mbayi, Ester, who witnessed the incident claims that her brother was provoked to start the fight when her sister-in-law could not reveal where she had kept the charger to the solar panel.

She told court her brother hit her and slapped her when she refused to say where she kept the solar charger. Right broke between the two before her brother was stabbed to death.

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