Woman Who Picked a Man From The Streets and Made Him Look Presentable Rewarded By a Touring Company

While others saw a street boy, Agnes saw man who is capable of being her partner. She had found a shoulder to lean despite the fact that he was dirty and roamed in the street with uncombed hair. She decided to took him and turned him into a new and presentable person.

Their videos first went viral on TikTok whereby Agnes had transformed the man only identified as Gabriel into a good looking man. His hair was shaved and his clothes changed making him look very presentable.

After the woman’s kindness spread over the internet , a touring company, Expeditions Maasai Safaris has keep their promise and on Thursday, they hosted the two and gifted them an All-expenses-paid safari to the Maasai Mara this Friday. He is what Gabriel had to say after the meeting.

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“Agnes is an angel, she helped me get up on my feet when no one else could. Before I met Agnes, I was hungry, hopeless, homeless and jobless. Look at me now, Sijui nitamshukuru vipi lakini najua Mungu anafuraha kama vile nimefurahia.” He said.

We are wishing them a very enjoyable and memorable adventure. Ladies, Siri ni kujioshea mtu wako.

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